Collection: Cover Paintings

From time to time as we curate our personal vintage paperback novel original cover art collection, we make some pieces from the collection available for sale. This gallery contains those pieces that we're willing to part with so that other fellow collectors may add them to their collections if they so wish.

Rather than separate them into genres as we normally would, we've decided to mix them all into the same gallery in an effort to get more narrowly focused collectors to see and appreciate the cover art from other genres they might otherwise never look at. We primarily love and collect from 3 genres. Crime/Mystery/Detective, Gothic and Good Girl Art.

We've always loved and been huge fans of the Gothic genre. It's always been fascinating to see how different artists tackle the theme of "women running from houses". In some rare instances, the women are depicted in front of mansions/houses but are standing rather than running. In other even rarer instances, they are depicted in the outdoors but not necessarily right in front of a mansion or house. Also, unlike some people would have you believe, the mansion/house wasn't ALWAYS depicted with a single light on. Yes, they USUALLY were, but NOT always and finding the rare examples where that familiar trope WASN'T used is a large part of the fun of tracking down these Gothic paperback paintings and novels!

The Good Girl Art genre is one that has always had a wide following and seeing how such a varied selection of artists handled the female form on the covers of paperback novels during the 50's and 60's is something we especially love.

But ultimately, although Vivienne DaCollector appreciates the Crime/Mystery/Detective genre, it is primarily I, Rubén DaCollector, who truly loves it and has made that the predominant genre of paintings that hang on most of our walls, along with some Good Girl Art. But sometimes we're lucky enough to find covers on which the females on some Crime/Mystery/Detective covers also double as Good Girl Art, the best of both worlds!