Collection: Prints: Superheroes

This is a collection of some of the prints Mike Perkins offered at conventions for many years. He had sent some to me almost a decade ago to sell at conventions, but I stopped setting up only one convention later and then put the prints away and forgot about them until I just recently rediscovered them. So, in the spirit of offering a variety of different things, we've decided to offer the prints here online for the first time ever. Up until now, only convention goers have had the opportunity to buy these!

Please be aware that these Mike Perkins prints are NOT eligible for discounts like the ones we are offering on our Pulp Fiction Prints!

NOTE: We do apologize, but due to pricing and labour inefficiencies, we can only sell these beautiful prints in a minimum quantity of 5 prints per order, but that's only if you're ONLY buying prints. You can buy as few as you want if/when adding them to an original art order!