Collection: Pulp Fiction Prints

The art of Vintage Paperback Novel covers, sometimes erroneously yet more popularly known to the masses as Pulp Fiction art, is something we've been passionate about for many years. To some degree, perhaps even more passionate about this type of illustration than for comic book art.

Since we are collectors of vintage originals but are aware that most casual observers who love the imagery can't afford to buy original paintings, many years ago we made a huge effort to create these high quality yet affordable prints of 42 different favourites of ours, in an effort to keep this art alive for future generations and at a price that most people can afford. All prints measure 11" x 17" and most are on 10pt stock (The same a Marvel Comics artists prints), though a few are on 12 pt. stock, or 20% thicker. Please note that due to different screen settings, the prints may appear somewhat brighter or darker on whatever device you're using. Feel free to contact us with any questions.


*Unless you are already ordering original comic art. Then you can add as little as one print to your order.

NOTE: We do apologize, but due to pricing and labour inefficiencies, we can only sell these beautiful prints in a minimum quantity of 5 prints per order! However, the more you buy, the more you SAVE! Check out these discounts....

BUY 05 to 09 Prints - $20usd each!

BUY 10 to 19 Prints - $15usd each! At checkout, you must enter Discount Code: 25%OffPrints


BUY 20+ Prints - $10usd each!

At checkout, you must enter this Discount Code: 50%OffPrints

The more prints you buy, the more $$$ YOU SAVE. Start YOUR collection NOW!