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Kane, Harry - Lie Like A Lady - 1955 (Ace S-108) - Sexy Dame!

Kane, Harry - Lie Like A Lady - 1955 (Ace S-108) - Sexy Dame!

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BOARD: 20 1/2 x 29 1/2

IMAGE: 19 1/2 x 28 1/2

Gouache on 1/8" Illustration Board.

This is the original painting published as the cover to the vintage paperback novel Lie Like A Lady by C.S. Cody in 1955.

When I made the decision to add this painting to my collection, it was with the understanding that the artist was unidentified. But a twinge of familiarity in the faces of the two figures, and especially in how the man's face is drawn, had me thinking I might be familiar with the artist. After receiving the painting and studying it, it suddenly came to me that the 'certain something' I saw in the faces reminded me of an artist whose work, life & career I had recently been researching thanks to a feature on him in Illustration Magazine written by Daniel Storm, by the name of Harry Kane.

In comparing the work, I didn't have quite as many pieces to compare as I'd have liked, but still I saw a few delicate little things in the work that made me feel as if it was indeed Kane's work. Then, almost as if as a bolt from the blue and hiding in plain sight, were the initials "H.K." embroidered on the man's shirt pocket! I had been so enthralled by the image of the female (That WAS after all the main reason I acquired the piece!) and so focused mainly on the male figure's facial characteristics, that I'd failed to notice the initials staring me in the face!

INTERESTING FACTOID: I initially bought this cover because it was almost identical in content and layout to one of my favourite covers that I badly wanted but which someone else owned. But years later, I was fortunate enough to have that other cover sold to me, which is the only reason I'm now willing to part with this one.

NOTE: The novel is shown for informational purposes only and is not included with the purchase of the painting.
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