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Enric - Cuando Mata o Muere - Early 1970's - Tastefully Nude!

Enric - Cuando Mata o Muere - Early 1970's - Tastefully Nude!

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SIZE: 14 3/8" x 20"

Oil on 1/16" Illustration Board

NOTE: The "framing" of the central image is part of the illustration board, not a mat. It's all part of Enric's cover design. Also, the colors on this piece are incredibly difficult to show as they appear on the painting. But let me just say that if you like what you see here, you'll love it even more in person because the vibrancy of the colors was not captured by the scan, nor was I able to properly capture it with Photoshop adjustments.

Many years ago when many of Enric's early 70's era Crime Fiction paperback covers came to market, I acquired all the best examples. This is one of those. Unlike a couple of the others where I managed to figure out the titles and then find scans of the published paperbacks themselves, I'm still in the process of trying to figure out what title this painting was used on, though it is very likely to have been used on the cover for a novel fro mthe Crime genre. They're tough to figure out and track down because they were published on paperbacks in foreign markets, usually in Europe, and very few people have ever bothered to scan and post their copies online.

Either way, this is a very tasteful and lovely Enric nude, which would look great framed and hanging on a wall. Since my own home's wall decor is made up of paintings from the 50's and 60's, these from the 70's don't fit well together as the styles changed greatly as the 60's faded and the 70's rolled in.
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