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Meese, James - Deadly Summer - 1958 (Perma M3114)

Meese, James - Deadly Summer - 1958 (Perma M3114)

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IMAGE: 17 5/8" x 25 5/8"

BOARD: 20" x 27"

Oil on 1/8" Illustration Board

This painting comes from the easel of James Meese, the famed paperback cover artist best known for his painterly, realistic Crime Fiction paperback covers! This was published as the cover to the 1958 novel, Deadly Summer, authored by Glenn M. Barns. It is a story of vengeance, jealousy and sudden death. All necessary ingredients for a hardboiled crime novel!

Meese painted a few hundred paperback covers during his career, and although the vast majority of them did not apparently survive, of the ones that did survive, thankfully several of them are from the Crime Fiction genre, his most desired and coveted covers.

NOTE: The novel is shown for informational purposes only and is not included with the purchase of the painting.
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