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Ziuko, Tom – Superman #6 Cover Color Guide

Ziuko, Tom – Superman #6 Cover Color Guide

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This is the one-of-a-kind original, hand colored Color Guide for John Byrne's Superman #6, by Tom Ziuko. The piece was colored with Dr. Martin's Dyes, the absolute best product for coloring comics in the pre-computer era, as the pigments never fade and remain just as vibrant as they were over 3 decades ago. This color guide comes with an overlay containing the pencilled in color codes, which were typically just written right on the color guide itself, so this one is something of an exceptional rarity as the image is completely clean and far more attractive without the codes written directly on it.

Dimensions: 6.8" x 10.5"

After decades of complete apathy, color guides have finally begun to be appreciated by savvy collectors who are finally realizing just how cheap and affordable they are, and most importantly, how gorgeous they look!

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