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The Stand: The Night Has Come #4 p.14-22 - 'Hand of God' Scene!

The Stand: The Night Has Come #4 p.14-22 - 'Hand of God' Scene!

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Here it is, the infamous "Hand Of God" scene! Arguably one of the most famous scenes of Stephen King's literary career. King even makes a cameo appearance on page 17! Many scenes throughout this incredible adaptation have been broken up by buyers buying only a single page or two but since we feel that certain scenes are truly special and historic such as this one, I (Rubén DaCollector) felt this scene truly deserved to remain intact and owned by a single person, I chose to purchase it myself for my own collection back in 2012.

As I own literally hundreds of original art pages illustrated by Mike Perkins, I've decided to make this 9 page sequence available to another fan of The Stand. However, just as I bought it complete over a decade ago, this sequence of pages will NOT be broken up and offered individually. So if you've been waiting until now in hopes of getting a page from this scene, then you will have to buy the whole thing.

Here is a chance for a lucky collector to own an historic piece of comic book history!
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