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Saviuk, Alex - Superman EHAPA (German Series) #18

Saviuk, Alex - Superman EHAPA (German Series) #18

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This wonderful, action oriented piece was published in Superman EHAPA, the Superman series published in Germany beginning in the late 70's and throughout the 1990's. I love that the publisher hired well known American artists for these pieces, rather than using in-house artists.

This piece offers a great image of Superman in a very cool and dynamic pose, fighting the villain in an attempt to rescue the damsel in distress, by Marvel and DC mainstays, Alex Saviuk and Pablo Marcos!

Superman related art outside of the DoS related storylines has long been undervalued, though the market has in very recent time been showing signs that this may not be true for much longer as collectors are getting wise to this and buying up vintage covers, splashes and double splashes lately.


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