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Pheiffer, Fred - Rita - 1966 (Tower 43-879)

Pheiffer, Fred - Rita - 1966 (Tower 43-879)

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SIZE: 13 1/8" x 21" on Illustration Board.

The great Fred Pheiffer produced this gem, which ended up published in 1967 as the cover to Rita, by well known "sleaze" author Jason Hytes. The fantastic thing about this piece, is that despite it having been used on a book that fits into the "sleaze" genre of the 1960's sexual revolution, Pheiffer did away with most of the typically strong sexual innuendo and instead chose a female model who exudes sophistication (and legs for days!), while selecting a dress which is both stylish and sexy at the same time. As well, he included an elegantly styled sofa along with a very stylized and ornate window frame, very reminiscent of the key elements that paperback cover legend Robert McGinnis often used throughout his career. Simply stunning!

NOTE: The novel and reference photo are shown for informational purposes only and are not included with the purchase of the painting.
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