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Lois Lane #5 p.15 - Vietnam Memorial!

Lois Lane #5 p.15 - Vietnam Memorial!

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Lois is told by her DHS source that children at the border are dying, almost trying to convince herself that she needs to tell Lois what she knows about what's going on at the deepest levels of the DHS.

A lovely page featuring Lois doing what she does best, getting people to talk, book ended by two beautiful depictions of one of the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial statues!

As an interesting side note, after this issue was drawn, DC editorial discovered that the statues at the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial are copyrighted and as such, DC would need to pay thousands of dollars in royalties for every illustrated depiction of them in the published comic book, so Perkins had to alter the statue illustrations to a certain degree in order to avoid those heavy extra costs that would've been imposed. So while the images of the statues in the comic book have been altered, the illustrations on these original art pages are the only way you can see the statues accurately depicted!

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