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Jusko, Joe - Savage Sword #138 - KILLER COVER !

Jusko, Joe - Savage Sword #138 - KILLER COVER !

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This is one of greatest Savage Sword covers of Joe Jusko's career and of the entire series! This masterpiece was painted in acrylic on 1/8" Illustration Board and is full bleed right to the edges measuring 11 1/16 x 15 1/8, making it slightly larger than the image area on a standard sheet of modern bristol board!

With most of Jusko's currently produced originals selling in the $5k to $8k range and with the SSoC #139 cover having sold on Dec 10th 2019 for $3300, this cover is a veritable bargain given that it is not only an excellent example from the series Jusko is best known for, but it is quite literally one of his best covers!

Jusko's contribution to the Savage Sword mythology made such an impact with fans that most people today tend to think he painted close to 75 or 100 covers. But in fact, he only painted around 30 of them, making them far more rare than most folks believe. This is one of the greatest examples of Jusko's entire run on the series!

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