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Foreman, Travel - Electric Warriors #1 Cover

Foreman, Travel - Electric Warriors #1 Cover

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This first issue cover features some exquisitely fine line details that can only be truly appreciated up close and in person! Published in 2018, this cover features FIVE 1st appearances for the speculators among you who hope to become multi-millionaires by flipping comic art! Here are the team members and their powers....

Ian Navarro aka War Cry (Manipulates sound and wears the Shroud of Kal-El) - 1st Appearance

Kana aka Deep Dweller (Darkness control and healing) - 1st Appearance

Kho Gharda aka Serene (Superhuman durability and strength) - 1st Appearance

Chleyns-Wann aka Dominator (Biophysical detonation and ignition) - 1st Appearance

Leos-Wann aka Inceptor (Weaponized Memory) - 1st Appearance (Dies in #4)


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