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Van Sciver, Ethan – Sensation Comics #1 Complete Story

Van Sciver, Ethan – Sensation Comics #1 Complete Story

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This is without any exaggeration or hyperbole, the absolute highest/best content quality complete story I've ever seen. It is panel after panel and page after page of constant, mind blowing imagery featuring the sexy af Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy & Catwoman, and that's not even mentioning the multiple male members of Batman's Rogues Gallery!

Over the years, I've had multiple offers made on several specific pages if I was willing to break up the book, but as an old school guy, I still can't bring myself to do that. I may do it eventually, but for now I continue to resist that temptation. If YOU want to buy this story and break it up yourself in order to keep the pages you want and sell off the rest, that's completely up to you!

Because picture speak louder then words, I've included not only scans of every page in the story, but also scans of the published version of every page, so you can see what they look like in the published comic book.


While this is a 20 page story, page 12 was drawn by Marcelo Di Chiara, from Van Sciver's layouts. So while the Di Chiara page isn't included, we do have the full size layouts Van Sciver pencilled for Di Chiara.

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